Calamondin Serving Suggestions

You had the good sense to treat yourself to a one-and-only jar of Calamondin Coulis.  Now What?…


Calamondin placeholderAdd a teaspoon per serving of fruit salad. Strawberries, blueberries and pineapple make a magical combination.


Calamondin placeholderAdd a teaspoon or two to your morning oatmeal. Fiber AND antioxidants. Now that’s a great breakfast.


Calamondin placeholderUse your favorite cracker and cream cheese or goat cheese. Top with a touch of coulis. Yum!


Calamondin placeholderMix 50/50 with Horseradish sauce for a fabulous shrimp dip.


Calamondin placeholderBake over the top of chicken, fish, pork. Add some cheese and spices


Calamondin placeholderUse inside or out on baked brie.


Calamondin placeholderMix into whipped creme with a touch of powdered sugar and maybe an orange flavored liquor. Wow!


Calamondin placeholder

Add to waffles, pancakes, scones.


Calamondin placeholder

Mix into Greek yogurt.


Calamondin placeholder

Works beautifully with chocolate mousse and flourless chocolate cake.


Calamondin placeholder

Thin 50/50 with orange juice and pour over ice cream and pound cake.


Calamondin placeholder


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