Nutrition Information for Calamondin Coulis

Calamondin Coulis

Our sparkling, tropical, gluten-free Coulis is made in a fruit curd style and can be used as a Calamondin concentrate in other recipes. This is a special product. It is a unique, bright, intense citrus sensation that has been called “The American Yuzu” and “Citrus Bliss”. It goes well on many things, especially spoons! It’s as close as we can get you to the grove. Indulge your creative chef instincts and add Calamondin zing to your own flavor symphony. And yes, it’s great on toast.  See what our customers are saying about Calamondin Coulis!

Nutrition Information for Calamondin Jam

Calamondin Jam

Are you a food snob, weary of the same old jam offerings at breakfast? This will open new flavor horizons for you. I’ve been to restaurants where people bring their own maple syrup. I predict the same phenomenon will catch on with our jam. We’ve already seen it once locally. Be the first in your neighborhood! Or just enjoy it quietly at home. It’s fabulous with Greek yogurt as well–my personal favorite. See what our customers are saying about Calamondin Jam!

Nutrition Information for our Minnie Cakes

Our mouthwatering Minnies make great “Thank you” gifts and brighten any Bridal shower.  Each cake serves one person.  You’ll love them when you entertain! Check them out and see what our customers are saying about them!