Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Club Combo

This package - a cake plus calamondin jam, coulis, sea salt & candied peels - was a nice, big gift for the whole family. One-stop shopping. And everyone was amazed by the flavor - no one had ever had it before. All the items - including the cake - arrived in perfect condition. The family noshed on the cake steadily until nothing was left. And the candied peels were gone in a few minutes. Everyone agreed the Club Combo is a perfect way to get to know calamondin - a birthday, anniversary, or any miscellaneous occasion you might be thinking of getting, say, flowers. Flowers? Really? Consider the Calamondin Cafe instead - easy, fast. And, hey, it's edible. We will be ordering again, no doubt. Thanks to Sandy, Laurie and the Calamondin Cafe team for a very tasty Calamondin Christmas.