2 cups Calamondin puree (fresh or frozen)
2/3 cup sugar


If you are using frozen puree, thaw in fridge overnight or on defrost setting of microwave. Combine ingredients in a saucepan. I recommend using a saucepan large enough to allow for the volume of sauce to increase 3-4 fold as it foams quite a bit during cooking. Heat on medium heat to a foamy, hard boil. Turn heat down to low and simmer for 10 more minutes. When using fresh puree, you may want fruit consistency a little softer and could simmer a total of 20 minutes.

Pour into sterile jars. I heat my jars in the oven at 275 degrees for 30 minutes and boil the jar lids, but you can boil the jars as well. Seal jars and turn upside down for 5 minutes. You may store at room temperature for a week or so, but the sauce will oxidize (darken) and keeps best (and is safest) if refrigerated even if unopened. Will keep up to a couple of months at least.

This sauce would be a staple in any Calamondin lover’s kitchen. (Or make a great gift for the Calamondonians in your life) This version is a bit tart, and can be sweetened to taste. It can be thinned with water or orange juice. If a paste/spread consistency is desired, it can be reduced in volume by 1/3 by simmering longer.

It can be applied as is over ice cream, or mixed into ice cream and then briefly refrozen. Mix in with Greek yogurt or a fruit smoothie or fruit salad. It can be added to recipes for pork, chicken or fish instead of lemon or orange. It can be added to baking for cakes, muffins or cupcakes. Use as a base for salad dressing or B-B-Q sauce and countless other uses!

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