From Dirt to Dessert

Controlled Quality every step of the way

From our Grove

We grow our own Calamondins and Calamansi in our family groves on Pine Island, Florida. We are the largest grower of toxin free Calamondin in the US.  We use 100% OMRI (organic) certified pesticides and herbicides. Each succulent piece of this tiny fruit is hand harvested.

..To our Processing Center

After picking, the harvest is shuttled over to our certified processing center. There we hand inspect, wash and process the Calamondin removing the numerous seeds and stem to create the base ingredient for our confections.

..To Our Kitchen

Our commercial kitchen (tree nut-free, BPA-free and aluminum-free) is stocked with state of the art refrigeration, processing and cooking equipment, assuring you of the best and purest ingredients in each and every one of our products.

..To Our Store

The end magical result yields an assortment of sweet and savory Calamondin products to grace your table or challenge your culinary curiosity.  Take a minute and check out our premium products. You’ll be glad you did!
Product Selection

In our family groves, we grow all natural toxin-free hand-picked fruit to create luscious, tropical confections for your delight. Our passions are quality, flavor, and you the epicure. All our premium products are created in small batches with great care and organic ingredients where possible.

And for those participating in a gluten free diet, we offer a complete lineup of gluten free products, featuring Be-Free Bakers, a gluten-free bakery which provPink Flamingo of Calamondin Cafeides our fabulous GF flour, now called Artisanal blend.

Don’t be fooled by our name. We are a virtual cafe and the country’s premium Calamondin commercial kitchen. We ship our products all over the country and have shipped internationally to consistently delighted foodies. Do you know a food snob? WOW them with Calamondin!

Laurie of Calamondin Cafe

Caterina Borg
This tiny little citrus fruit resembles a key lime in its unripened state, but when it is fully ripe it becomes a bright orange like a tangerine. This fruit is used to make marmalade in much the same way as traditional orange marmalade, but the best thing is that you don’t get that unpleasant bitterness. The reason for this is that the calamondin peel is very thin with hardly any pith that is the main contributor to bitter citrus marmalades. I love a great marmalade but it’s hard to find a consistently good product. I was pleasantly surprised with both of the products that I tried (jam and coulis), and found that it offered and intense citrus flavor with a delicate sweetness. The jam and the coulis have a perfect spreadable consistency, and the jam has tiny pieces of rind flecked throughout the product. This added textural element injects an added burst of orange flavor as you eat it, and was a delicious and welcomed surprise. Spread this on toast, top your favorite ice cream, add it to cake batters or fill your cake layers with it— this delicious little product should be in every home.
Caterina Borg- CEO, Good Food Gourmet; Member of Culinary Hall of Fame